Depends upon the product to the conveyed and the degree of inclination. Below 20 deg inclination , a simple structured belt can be incorporated

PU FDA approved belts are known for their quick release property and are most suitable for these applications.

Depending upon the load and the temperature , a PTFE coated or a silicon belt can be suggested.

A gouge resistant belt is suggested specially for conveying of unfinished automoblie parts or any metallic unfinished casting.

Upto an inclination of 20 deg , a rough top belt is suggested . The bushy structure hold the bags / boxes and avoids slippage.

60 mm and 80 mm height.

Straight - 20 mm ,30 mm and 40 mm .Inclined - 40 mm , 50 mm , 80 mm in white (FDA) and green colours.

K - 6 , K - 8 , K - 10 , K -13 , K -17 -- Knotched profiles .

For conveying light duty products over a slope, different types of profiles prove very efficient for smooth operation.

We have American J - type fasteners which enhance joint life . The fastener is designed in such a way that it facilitates smooth operation and doesn't abrade against the skid plates or the idlers.

Depending upon the speed of the belt ( mtr / min ) , the width of the belt , the load carrying capacity can be calculated and thickness can be arrived at.

We have each type - 300mtr x 2000 mm . Accessories each of 1000 mtr .We have 150 types of conveyor belts.

The desired size i-e length x width has to be cut from a mother roll of 100mtr x 2000 mm . Then the belt is made endless and the accessories are mounted on the top or the bottom surface as per the requirement .

If the no.of belts is 3 to 5 ,the lead time is 2 days. If it is 20 to 30 nos , a week' s time is needed.

Our quality is at per with all the world brands and the price is reasonable .

We can fix a belt at the client's site . We even have a portable site - joining machine .